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Everything you need to build robust on-boarding sequences

Getting shop owners to manually install theme files and snippets can be a huge challenge. With Superliner you can install everything automatically so that your customers don't have to work for your app.

Simple configuration based asset installs

No need to write special code to install assets. Supliner provides an easy framework for installing assets by setting some simple configuration options.

Here's a step to create a new file in a theme

  type: :create_theme_file,
  # The name of the file in the Shopify theme
  asset_name: 'snippets/my-new-app.liquid',
  # The file in your app to be added
  source_file: 'app/shopify-templates/my-new-app.liquid'


And one to install a snippet into an existing theme file

  type: :install_snippet,
  snippet_to_install: "{% include 'my-new-app' %}",
  target_files: [
    # account for differences among themes
  install_before: [
    # again allow for different themes
    "{% form",
    "{%- form"
    'Install the snippet right before your "Add to cart" form.'

Pre-built support dashboard

The pre-built support dashboard gives you a full-featured administrative and support tool with no effort. You can focus on building the unique parts of your app.

  • Browse & Search Installed Shops
  • Extend Free Trials
  • Inspect Shop Assets
  • See Installed Webhooks
  • See Installed Script Tags
  • Manually Cancel a Subscription

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